*****Spoiler Warning*****


So, Devil May Cry 5… wow, what a game. Learning that this cult favorite was coming out, I immediately picked up the first four games as quick as I could on the PC and even Xbox. I ran through each one with only about 80% ambition to 100% each game. Though, as I went through I got further and further from that which one can call a complete game. Though time was running short I finally pieced together what the story of Vergil and Dante was and in time even Nero.

In Devil May Cry 5, you get to play as Dante, Nero, and a new cast member, V. Each has devilishly been outfitted with their own unique fighting techniques and weapons… or demons… or demons turned into weapons. You get the gist. Not only did the game outperform in the versatility of combat, but also delivered beauty to the gothic demonic vibe that has been trademarked into the DMC universe. With sharper and brighter colors, quicker movement, and of course over-the-top cutscenes and soundtracks, DMC 5 is one of the best to date.

In the beginning, Nero loses an arm to an unnamed assailant. This begs the question of what will he do, a big part of DMC 4 was centered around the demon hand that Nero had seemingly been born with. Now gone we are also introduced to another character. The wiz kid of the genius that made Ebony and Ivory, the demon-killing guns in Dante’s possession, Nico. Learning techniques from her mother, Nico makes Nero an artificial hand that can do many different things depending on which arm you decide to equip. With an arsenal of different hands that shoot like a rocket fist, overpower your sword or gun, or simply helps you eat pasta more efficiently. In addition to Nero’s ‘level-up’, Dante again gets new weapons made out of demons he previously defeated. The most unique character to play as in the new game is undoubtedly V though. Instead of taking part in battle himself you control three summoned demons. A panther, some sort of raven(though everyone in-game calls it a chicken), and a sludge/rock thing much like Nightmare from the first game. V only participates to deal the final blow in a rather flashy fashion. He is very sickly and cannot fight like Dante and Nero who both have demon blood coursing through their veins.

With the new weapons, demons, and combat moves your choices in a fight become somewhat infinite. This allows for some stylish slice-and-dice, savage sanguine stupor, and sick skills. And as soon as combat starts the prolific metal begins. Headbanging while killing, who would’ve thought they would work so well together.

In the first game, a tradition was set for Devil May Cry. Not only did we need the thrill of combat crazed and humility-throwing Dante Redgrave, but we also needed the crazy dark gothic atmosphere that has never left the world of DMC. Keeping with the gothic traditions and including a ‘smidge’ of blood we see the game take a turn in more of a light neon direction that contradicts quite well with the themes we are so used to. But the things that changed weren’t so much the surroundings but the characters themselves. Dante and Vergil have always more or less been the iconic red vs blue, but in Nero, we see something that resembles Vergil but holds its own design in a sort of all-rounded neon blue. The color palette of this game works so well between characters, the world, and the demons that it makes it that much more fun to just look around or enjoy a flashy fight between enemies. Nevermind the satisfaction of completely carving up your enemies, it just looks pretty.

Devil May Cry 5 has been an awesome adventure of twenty missions. It has once again placed itself in a league with top games. Delivering everything someone could want from a combat based game with snarky, half-blooded demons fighting demonic hordes. Developing combat and vision to please in both directions and blending together an interesting story and insane repertoire of weapons. This game has been an enjoyment to play, and I can’t wait to go back and 100% it.

Total Time: 15 Hours

Rating: 9.5/10