Fast approaching the end of the game now and the 100% I so desperately strive for, things are getting a little more intense. Stories are closing and final farewells are being said over freshly dug graves. In my session today, I lost Achilles, the old man, the mentor, and a true father figure to Connor. This only happens with completing the side questline of ‘Homestead’ missions. It feels so valuable to the story though, that I couldn’t not talk about it and what courses throughout your body as you dig the grave of someone that has been there helping, showing, and teaching you once again how to be an assassin.


Achilles is buried next to his wife and son, who died of a sickness some years ago. Connor, a name given to you by Achilles, was first granted to his son. This little detail makes it almost unbearable as you watch the camera slowly pan out to see that you were adorned not with the title of son, but something grander, something that really created value for the relationship that Connor and Achilles shared.

With the heartbreaking moment passed, we move our sites onto Charles Lee, for the first time in an AC game, we kill the Grandmaster before the rest of the followers. This shows you just how much more dangerous Charles was than Haytham. But like all games, you will foil any plans that come your way.