So, I decided to take a small break from the storylines that involve my everyday life and sit down once again to the game that got me started on PC gaming. DotA 2 or Defense of the Ancients 2 is an original spin-off of a World of Warcraft game.  Since this was the first game that I played on my steam account it goes without saying that I have invested a lot of hours into this game, and money. I’ve spent approximately 2785 hours playing this game and it hasn’t once gotten old for me. This game offers a lot more than people think it does. With a bunch of different game modes to the modes that the players can create themselves, this game allows for full range of its product.

One of my favorite modes and the one that keeps me coming back is called Ability Draft. We are given a random hero out of the oddly 115 heroes that can be chosen from and we can build a set of full abilities to take to the battlefield and fight other players with. This mode allows for our own creation of properties that can make highly overpowered or underwhelming not. Its a game of chance, luck, skill, and a lot of knowledge on the powers each hero has.

This game truly deserves the time I put into this because it isn’t just about fighting, it allows for you and your teammates to come up with strategies on when and where to engage an enemy. It requires tactical ambushes or sometimes just full on assaults with the entire team. It focuses the mind on an objective and requires problem-solving, thinking, and coordination to win the game.