One of the pinnacles of the Assassino order. We play the end of Ezio Auditore in the trilogy that gave us one of the most defined characters in gaming history. From playing him as a  baby, using buttons to make simple actions such as kicking or crying to the end of his days as the Mentor of the Brotherhood of Assassins.

Assassin's Creed Revelations Screenshot 2017.12.10 -

I can confidently say for the first time that I have been through it all with him. From riding Da Vinci’s machines in Roma to throwing bombs in the streets of Constanopoli. From dancing and playing is Venezia’s Carnavale to visiting the tomb of the greatest assassin to have ever lived in Masyaf. To watch and be the character as he grows from a boy who knows not what the world around him entails to a man of such great wisdom that even books or philosophy could only try to compare. To define such a fictional character so well, that I feel my heart-strings being tugged every time I think about putting down this game.  There is not much that I could put in words other than that of the Assassin’s Creed itself.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Nothing is true tells us how everything around us is so fragile anything could break or die and it must be kept alive with the ambition and the will of people. It defines how we must move forward as ‘shepherds of our own future.’

Everything is permitted shows us that all that we do bares a reaction. It allows us to take responsibility for those actions whether they be good or bad and lets us live with them.

Though a game, it is a lesson to all people, and it carries no lesser message that we should be who we want to be.

We see the message pass from Altair to Ezio, and through him to Desmond. About the great solar flare that wiped out the First Civilization. We see how Altair’s bloodline continues on. Everything is closed up, just for a few things to be reopened in the next games to come. One chapter closes as another begins.

Then gameplay and introduction of the hook-blade and the bombs, are a welcome sight. Ubisoft takes something that they have been working on since the first game and polish it even further. They make the free running and climbing much more fluid and even are able to work out that Ezio is old, there are some things I guess he can’t do anymore either.

For its time, as with every game in the series, the graphics are uncanny and hold up well even now. With only minor errors that you barely notice, I got through this game with beautiful glances of the cityscape and the fun ways to run around the rooftops to avoid guards and the like.

I had never really thought this game to be one of the better in the series until now. It has so much thought and care put into it, that it deserves the polish, shine, and peace in rest that it has worked so hard to achieve.

Rating: 9.5/10