So I decided to do some gaming on the PS4 today. With that, I thought it was finally time for me to play the remastered edition of The Last of Us that I have had for well over a year now.

I can understand the amount of love and appeal that this game has. In terms of story and making you feel something for the people you will be playing and watching, this game hits you right out of the gate. Not too far into the game yet, I have finally met Ellie. With the death of Joel’s daughter, I thought that he would kinda warm up to her quickly, but he shut that down the instant he said he doesn’t care about her. It really makes you feel like you want his character to change but it really makes sense that even after twenty years, you just don’t bounce back to being the caring and loving person in the beginning.

She is also intriguing to me so far, like just look at her being amazed by this generator…


Tess on the other hand really wants me to get moving.

The combat and stealth in this game is fun so far, but playing on grounded difficulty can be a bit challenging. Look forward to the next post about this game, because I will surely be farther in, and have the greater detail to talk about.