This is one of my first reviews from a good amount of time ago. This game was one that really left an impact and definitely does not end how one would think it should.

**Spoiler Warning**

You go on an adventure as two brothers, controlled with the WASD keys and the arrow keys. Each set moves an individual brother.You have to go through a series of puzzles and worlds to find a supposed mythical substance that will save your dying father.

Story & Characters – The story isn’t anything new and original. But it isn’t always how the story is, but rather how it is told. In this case, it is told extremely well. You go through mountains, tundras, and various other landscapes. Each one reinforcing the feelings of being farther away from your home. The brothers work together to solve every puzzle and even disagree at times. They get along or bicker, but they always care. Even without a spoken word of English, every message in this game goes through.

Graphics – The graphics of this game are pretty good for the art style. The landscapes are beautiful. Everything is in its own nature. You never feel like you are somewhere you are not but the sense you are ‘no longer in Kansas’ sinks in really fast.

Mechanics – This is where it really hits you. The mechanics and puzzles were amazing. Some of these puzzles I’ve never seen before and they were fun to try and solve. Anything from climbing on ledges, slinking through gates only the little brother can do, or pulling big levels only the older brother could. Everything each character could do really sunk in. That’s where you know the game has begun to take hold. In the end

Overall – This game was so good. The short playtime of this game doesn’t undermine what it was able to accomplish. With characters to making an ‘everyday story’ seem new and original. It uses tropes to create an atmosphere that you can’t help but indulge in. If you want some crazy feels at the end and something to pass a couple good hours with, this game is worth the pickup.

Rating: 9/10