Hours In: 38 Hours

Percent Complete: 88%

Before I started this blog, I wanted to play every Assassin’s Creed and beat them to my standard. That means to beat them all while achieving 100%. In the fourth game now, I am doing what I set out to do.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations was always at the bottom of the list of AC games, simply because of the two other times I played it, I rushed by it without taking a step back and appreciating it for what it is. The game is a wrap up of not one, but two of the best assassin’s to ever live. Paying more attention to detail I started to love this game as much as all the other. The history of fiction and nonfiction combines into a compelling story that fits into the timeline of each of these universes.

Altair centuries before we meet Ezio knows that a message must be passed to someone but doesn’t know who.  Things fall into place in all the games but to be able to tie up and combine the two greatest Mentors in the Assassin’s history is beautifully woven.

To stem from so many different templars and Grand Masters(heads of the Templar Order) and still come out with ‘villains’ that always seem unique in their own way, even though they are all after the same thing, is simply marvelous.

Though an early game in the series, the life-like quality of the characters and emotions are so real. The detail in the city and wardrobe of Ezio are so extremely fine-tuned.

Assassin's Creed Revelations Screenshot 2017.12.08 -

Playing a game to a full 100% percent is something I like to do because I can find things and experience things that I didn’t know were there. It allows me to see the full power that the creators put into the game. For example, in the first game, I had no idea that you were able to steal Vidic’s pen and eventually gain access to the conference room, whereas learning about someone who is very much higher than Vidic in the chain of Command. We also learn of the other pieces of Eden that the Templars are following up on in the real-time world. We even learn a little of Alan Rikkin, who is in the movie that came out last year.