Hours In: 45 Hours

Percent Complete: 90%

Olog-Hai are tough, brainless, and have the perfect size hands for just about any heavy lifting or ability to knock out those knots in your back. The only real issue is, they can split you in two… or three… or a lot of different ways. One of my favorite things to do in this game is to watch my subordinates go at it in the ring. Now, we aren’t talking WWE here, there are no rules. Mutilation, decapitation, affection, adulteration… well maybe not the last one. But in all, they can do whatever they please while I sit back with my sandwich and watch them in all their black blood glory.


Going back a little to yesterday’s post, I finished finding the rest of the Gondorian artifacts today. Each one gave a little history of the surrounding civilizations and some of the backstory of Celembrimbor. Each showed a little bit of art, warfare, or philosophy of the city and peoples which we never really got to witness or know about. To see that this game goes farther than just the fighting mechanics and the story that we play through and see, is really something else. The process, the thought, and the background really fill the world out. Just because we aren’t able to go there doesn’t limit the horizon to just the area we are in.


Now that I’ve reached a turning point in the game or rather the end of it. I can say that the character development and skill tree was interesting. Being able to change your fighting style to best match any type of enemy you are about to face is a really awesome feature. With so many different ways of play style, from being stealthy to a completely combat-oriented player, you can choose anything. You can even mix it up in the heat of battle to adapt to whatever is happening around you. I will go more in depth in the review when I’m done the last 10% of this game.