I am not by any means a huge mobile gamer. This game, however, sparked my interest and the fuse hasn’t run out a year later. Valkryie Connect is made with an immersive story that seems to never end, something we sometimes can’t even find in platformer games. It allows the use of real money or microtransactions to buy Diamonds and get better characters or items, but it still leaves it up to chance in what is in your pull. Valkryie does a great job of keeping things balanced especially with the constant updates and new characters almost weekly. Just barely a year old and this mobile game has me playing it every day without stopping to train my gods, heroes, and villains from different religions and battle it out against anything of my choice really. The amount that is in this game is hard to cover or just talk about in one session.


One of the little things that keep me coming back day by day, usually around 12-1 pm and 6-7  pm is the daily special that allows for high stamina gain. Stamina allows players to do actions and continue building your characters to make them grow ever more powerful. The thought into the daily quests aren’t mediocre at all either, it tells you to explore the game, and try PVP or just go questing. It takes away any aversion you have to do something different than what you are used to and dangles a reward in front of you like an adult would throw a treat in a child’s face to get them to clean their room.