Hours In: 38 Hours

Percent Complete: 73%

So, today I had to spend twenty minutes or so fighting an orc named Grom the Machine that I’ve killed about twenty times. Now, this is awesome because hey, somehow through the power of magic and machines he is able to reanimate his body and appear before me again. The glory of the nemesis system makes it so he remembers me and any grudge he has against me. These grudges include shaming him, decapitating him, slicing him in half, chopping off multiple limbs, and so on. Good reason to hold a grudge. This game allows this to take form and shape and creates an enemy that you are familiar with that just does not stop, and it allows for some intriguing conversation.



The image above is a sequenced event that was a lot of fun for all parties involved. The DLC for Shadow of War has just released allowing for a new tribe of orcs to roam Mordor. Here we have that tribe creating conflict with previous tribes while my orcs decide to ambush this encounter. It’s a three-way and a fun one at that. This is the first time I saw this and thought the dynamic was worth the mention and applause for the system that is in place for Shadow of War.


One of the last things to talk about today was the return to Minas Morgul. We briefly see the Ring Wraiths leave this place in the movies but never fully understand where it came from or really what it is. In Shadow of War we get a glimpse of not only where the One Ring came from, but several other things that tie into the movies. This game has many little things that allow us further into the history that is J.R.R Tolkiens world and it’s all for the better. Being a buff, I like to know the history behind things and this game does a justice to deliver the things that we might have had questions about, or things we didn’t even know we wanted to know.