Hours In: 36 Hours

Percent Complete: 71%

So already into the game, I decided to take on some of the Spirit of Carnan quests today. Out of the two I’ve fully completed, this was an extremely fun and engaging questline. Not saying that Bruz wasn’t the Bruce(Finding Nemo) we always wanted in Olog- hai form… I actually don’t know if I actually ever realized I wanted that, but this game told me I did. To the point,, Fighting the Balrog and getting emotionally attached to the sentient plant woman that was the Spirit of Carnan really became nerve-wracking, when she upped and sacrificed herself. I didn’t realize I cared for this Spirit until she was gone. The emotion put into Talions face during this scene was probably more heart wrenching than watching his wife die again in front of him. That recognition and pain on his face were today’s hidden gem to me.